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Welcome! We Are So Glad You're Here!

With our church you will find a humble community and a place filled with unconditional love.  Come as you are.

Who We Were

We love our community.  We want every who joins our church to feel welcomed with open arms. Come as you are.

Picnic With The Pastors

Get to Know Our Pastors

Get to know our pastors and elders during a picnic! Ask them questions and let them get to know you.
Picnic With The Pastors

Become A Member

Make Our Church Your Home

If you love our church as much as we love having you, make it official.  Become a member of our church today. 
Become A Member

Times and Locations

Castle Rock- 9am & 11am

Colorado Springs- 9am & 10:45am


Castle Rock

4833 Front Street B207
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Colorado Springs

2000 Barrett Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80926